A Notice for our Canadian Brethren:

March 14th, 2006

The Northern Jurisdiction of the Widows Sons Masonic Riders Association is currently forming chapters in British Columbia, and Ontario Canada. We now have an official Alberta Grand Chapter and give them a hearty welcome to the organization.

 We are an International Association of Master Masons who have gathered together to enjoy the sport of motorcycling, give support to our Blue Lodges, and provide relief to the widows and orphans of our Masonic brethren.

Canada provides some of the most scenic and beautiful roads in the world for motorcycle tours. All brethren who ride are invited to join us in fellowship as we travel the open roads of our beautiful nation together. Membership is open to any Mason who owns a motorcycle with an engine of 500 cc's or larger. Those who are interested in joining one of our new chapters may contact the Widows Son representative in your area:



March, 2006 Update:

We initially had a Grand Chapter starting up in Ontario. Unfortunately, we've lost contact with the brother who was organizing the Grand Chapter and are now starting over. Brother Vic has taken on the task with several of his brethren. Our email contacts have been updated. If anyone is interested in joining the Ontario Chapter or forming an Associate chapter, please contact Bro. Vic via the form from the Ontario button above. We know that brethren have been wishing to join and apologize for having our efforts stalled in Ontario. We hope to have the Chapter up and running shortly.


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