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The Pennsylvania Grand Chapter is located in the Philadelphia area. We also have a chapter "Marked and Hewn" which is located in South Central Pa.

There is increasing interest in the Widows Sons from brethren located throughout the state, and we would be happy to assist all those who are interested in starting up a local chapter or joining an existing one. All that is required to start a new chapter is to assemble 5 or 6 brothers who would like to serve as the founding members. As we form new chapters throughout the state, the Masonic and motorcycling experiences of our brethren will be greatly enhanced as we ride together and share the open roads and scenery of our beautiful state. In addition to the fraternal camaraderie, the Widows Sons strive to be involved in charity runs and events, and to also raise Masonic Awareness and support our Blue Lodges. So this is a good opportunity to do good works and also benefit the fraternity while enjoying your motorcycling activities.

For those who are interested in starting your own chapter, we have a New Chapter Starter Kit which should provide you with the resources to get started. For additional information & assistance, you may contact our State Coordinator through our Contact page.

 Pennsylvania Starter Kit